Goal Flashers

Monday, January 16, 2006

Goal Flashers - Keep A Breast of the Action!

So you know the text message alerts you can get for nearly every kind of service these days. Whether you want to be sent jokes, horoscopes, weather reports or news and sports updates.

Well now there is a MMS update service for Barclays Premiership matches and beyond with one very funny difference.

Girls and football dont usually go very well together. In fact for many there is often a delicate decision to make between the beautiful game and the beautiful girl.

Goal Flashers is a mixture of the best bits of both! The cream of UK glamour models are now sending users goal updates with sexy poses and amusing choreographed goal routines.

So if you are at the game or watching in a pub, you can increase your enjoyment of the match by having our girls send a photo or video MMS message to your handset.

It costs less than traditional SMS alerts too - and the language in the messages is a little rawer than the boring clinical feeds which many official football updates services use. Give it a try - it works out only 15 pence per message - 10 pence cheaper than your average footy update service - plus you get bare chested honeys!!!

Visit wap.goalflashers.com to see what download are on offer and to request the sexy update service.

GOAL FLASHES For those who know the score!